Hi! My name is Sean Spence

I produce music for artists who want to get their songs placed in film & TV

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As an artist or songwriter, is your goal to get your music placed in film & TV?

This is something I have been pursuing for a while. And, like you, I have heard publishers and agents say things like “your music doesn’t sound current” or “I’m not sure how I could use that.” I took that feedback and refined my productions to make them better. And now I’m getting regular placements.

The first step in that process is producing your songs in such a way that will draw in sync agents and music supervisors and entice them to sign and place your songs! It’s all about establishing an emotional connection while also staying out of the way of the dialogue in the show.

I love working with artists to create a sound that will get placed.

I work in pop, AC, singer-songwriter and americana.

Here are some songs I have produced that I really like:

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