Drums at the Grotto

Please Note: we are available to remotely record drums during the pandemic shutdown. We have a high-quality bi-directional streaming feed so we can hear each other. All you need to do is send a 2-mix of your track needing drums.

Even though a lot of music is made in the box these days, there are many times when you need that live drum sound. At the same time, it is also not practical for every producer to acquire the kind of gear needed for a full drum tracking session, not to mention treating a space that drums will sound good in. Thankfully, we have you covered on all counts. Whether you are laying drums first or overdubbing them to an existing track, we’ll get you great sounding drums.

On the flip side, maybe you’re feeling old school and just want to get all your musicians together and cut live. We are equipped for that too! Take a listen to some drums that we recorded here at the Grotto. Most of these samples are minimally processed and most of the ‘verb’ sound you hear is not artificial – it is taken from our ‘bathroom verb’ which we record with the drums.

We use a combination of SSL, API, UA and other preamps to shape each element of the kit going into our gorgeous Apogee Symphony interface for the best A/D conversion resulting in beautiful, clean drum tones.

We also offer regular “drum days” where we cut drums for multiple producers/artists all in one day. It’s a cost effective way to get incredible sounding drums on your next demo or master project. Email or call 615-400-0581 to cut your drums here.

This is a mixed track that has drums cut here at the Grotto: