The RealDrums “Universal Drum Pack Vol. 1” features 10 broadly applicable 4 bar grooves. Each set contains varying patterns based on the original groove including verse, chorus, ride, fills etc. Furthermore, we have provided multiple tempos of each groove. While modern DAWs are getting better at time stretching, we recognize how much feel and pocket can be affected when having to stretch more than a few bpm. With varying tempo options for each groove, you will never have to sacrifice audio quality or feel.

Perhaps most exciting, we have provided a mixed version AS WELL AS 4 stems for each and every groove including close mics, overheads and rooms, verbs, FX mics. This allows you to take a single loop and use it across multiple genres as you can rebalance the various stems yourself, making this pack, truly universal. Listen below to an example of the stems provided with each loop:

The true test of a loop is how it sounds in a full track and this pack does not disappoint. Take a listen for yourself: